Central Power Research Institute

Technical Consultancy Service Since : 1995
CPRI is a part of Ministry of Power, Govt. of India. Various
consultancy services & tests are carried out. Performed more than 500 successful Tests for all kinds of switchgear, transformers & other
electrical products as mentioned below :

  • 12 kV Switchgear Cubical with Vacuum Circuit Breakers
  • 22/33 kV Switchgear Cubical with SF6 Circuit Breakers
  • 11 KV and 33 KV Air Break Switches
  • Up 5 MVA Transformers.
    HT Feeder Pillars
  • L.T. Panel/Bus Ducts – 65/100 kA Short Circuit Test
  • Distribution Transformer
    LT/HT Current/Voltage Transformer
    MCB/MCCB/RCCB/K.K. Fuses
  • HT Air-Break Switches
  • Electronic Energy Meters
  • Auto-Transformer Starters

Location : Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh, India