We will work as an important link between Consultant, Contractor, all the stakeholders and client. Our scope of work as a PMC are evaluation, acceptance and approval of the content, design, Curatorial Drawings, Layouts and creatives and Bill of Quantity (including quantity and cost of each item) thereof. Monitoring, inspection, acceptance and approval of development of the Project. Approval of the running bills and final bills submitted by the Contractor. Issue Completion Certificate for each deliverable and development milestones after satisfactory assessment of the final set up and development.

Shyamji Krishna Varma Memorial, Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat ( Ongoing Project)


We had successfully provided third Party Inspection services for the Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2017, Gujarat. In this service we are working in three stages: During pre-execution stage, we will assist in design, cost estimates, site visit, follow up with all the concert person, and prepare the report. During execution stage, comprises the quality assurance, monitoring, assistance in statutory approval such as fire, pollution, police etc., verification of work done by agency, progress report generate etc. Post execution stage, comprises of final commissioning and testing and trial runs and final measurement and billing processes of vendor/agency/contractor. 

Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2017, Gujarat


We as Event Oversight Auditors, who shall undertake a detailed study, analysis and report about all the factors including site selection to proper implementation of event coordination, including the cost incurred, usage of digital Media etc. The Auditors will make sure that the event should be a grand success in terms of the Government targets of promoting the event & its outcome, including further improvement of such events. This would entail study in three phases: Phase I: Pre-event Phase II: During the event Phase III: After the conclusion of the event, the auditor will present the detailed report on the event to the department.

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We had done the technical audits for the exhibit’s display and CCTV surveillance system at Statue of Unity. We will review the submitted details by the client and after that conduct a site visit for preliminary data collection, detailed examination, and verify the quality of material. It involves physical inspections and testing of supplied material. Afterall the activities, we submit the detailed report which include the quality of material with respect to the cost of material.

Statue of Unity, Kevadia, Gujarat


We will review of present electricity bill & estimate energy consumption in various load centers like pumping, motors, lighting and other electrical & electronic equipment in the plant. We conduct a stage-wise energy audit, including planning, preliminary data collection, detailed examination, and reporting. It involves identifying energy-saving opportunities through physical inspections, testing of equipment, computer simulations, and developing a prioritized list of recommendations for energy-saving measures. Afterall the activities, we submit the detailed electrical audit report.

Various properties under TCGL, Gujarat