F1H2O UIM World Championship

Event Inaugurated by Hon‘ble Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu & other Government officials and delegates were present.

Nineteen Formula 1 drivers, nine Formula 4 drivers across 12 countries arrived in the city, along with 21 large containers carrying 10 Formula 1 boats and 10 Formula 4 boats, from the Krishnapatnam port.

The race also saw a local team from Amaravati battling for the top honours among the 19 taking part in the competition. Sweden’s Jonas Andersson and Erik Edin were the two key race drivers from the Indian side – Team Amaravati. A team from Abu Dhabi taking top honours and Amaravati‘s own squad finishing sixth.


Amaravati (Vijayawada), Andhra Pradesh

Audience Reached Out : 

Total Reached Out – > 4.0 Crore
Social Media - 2.0 Crore
Print Media - 150 Lakhs +
Electronic Media - 80 Sources +
Physically presence - 100000 + Across three days


M/s. Malaxmi Group

Event Cost :  

Estimate cost : 6.35 Cr.
Execution cost : 6.35 Cr.

Date Of Event

16th to 18th November, 2018

Unique Features :

The 23-km stretch along the Krishna was turned into a carnival site celebrating the best of the sport along with a host of other exciting activities to engage the crowd and showcase the arts, culture and cuisine of Andhra Pradesh.

Media Coverage :