Kevadia City, India

Kevadia city is intended to serve as a unique visitor attraction and Narendra
Naidu, principal consultant at Rhino Engineers, provides further details: “There is a government initiative to develop new destinations for visitors and the dream of the Prime Minister is to maximise the potential of these tourist attractions. All parties felt that the Kevadia city was an excellent opportunity to explore how we can take visitor attractions in India to the next level. It is a Inavate Magazine, Singapore beautiful location surrounded by dense forests, it is located on the border of two states and there are already nearly 30 visitor attractions nearby which include the Statue of Unity and the Sardar Sarovar Dam. These also include multiple activities like zip-liner, children nutrition park, mountain cycling, jungle safari, cactus garden, butterfly garden, Ekta nursery, dino trail, river rafting, boating and arogya van. All the required elements to make it a successful tourist attraction were already present.”